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About This Blog:
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Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Seattle Oilers?

Reportedly, representatives from the Edmonton Oilers were in Seattle over the weekend to discuss relocation. Despite the promise of a new arena in Seattle, this is a horrible idea.

Seattle is a terrible sports town, with a disinterested populace. If they can't keep a team in the unfortunately much more popular NBA, or fill the stands for the Mariners & Seahawks, an NHL team is not going to succeed there, unless they find an Ichiro type player to draw in the Asian Community.

The NHL does not want to lose another Canadian franchise in a hockey-loving city with a history of on ice success. Perhaps the Oilers are just trying to force the city of Edmonton to build a new arena?

Honestly, does ANYONE believe Wayne Gretzky that he was only in town to watch the Seahawks game?

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