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About This Blog:
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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Out Foxed

If I was Denver's front office (attn. John Elway), I would fire John Fox after that debacle last night. He didn't try to win the game. His poor decision to go for a 52 yard FG near the end of the 1st half was the least of his errors.

With less than 2 minutes to go and a 7 point lead, Denver faced 3rd & 7 on their own 47 yard line. Baltimore was out of timeouts. All Denver had to do was throw for a 1st down and they would have clinched victory in their playoff game. Instead, John Fox chose to run the ball up the middle, call a time out, and then punt. Baltimore responded by tying the game up with a touchdown. Fox bypassed a chance to clinch the game. But his ineptitude didn't end there.

With a tie score and 31 seconds remaining in a win or go home playoff game, and having one of the best QB's in the history of the game and 2 timeouts remaining, why would you kneel down and take your chances in OT instead of trying to win the game in regulation? John Fox again passed up a chance to try to win the game.

The facts are the facts, Denver went in as the AFC's #1 seed and Superbowl favorite, with their big time free agent QB, and went 1 and done. John Fox did not do his job despite being handed the resources needed to succeed. By the way Denver, how did replacing Tim Tebow, who won a playoff game for Denver last season, with Peyton Manning work out for you?

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