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Friday, February 17, 2012

2012's Best Superbowl Ads

(Written 2/6/12)
Superbowl ads have become as much of a highly anticipated spectacle as the big game itself. Here's the list of my favorite Superbowl Commercials from this year:

7. Honda CR-V “Matthew’s Day Off”- Matthew Broderick spoofing his classic role of Ferris Bueller to take a day off from acting.

6. Hulu “Huluboratory”- Will Arnett takes viewers to a secret underground Hulu laboratory in a kitschy way only his comedic brilliance can deliver.

5. Hyundai “Cheetah”- A man releases a cheetah from its cage to prove how fast the test driven car is, but the cheetah attacks the man instead.

4. Sketchers “Bulldog”- A bulldog wearing two pairs of Sketchers sneakers outruns racing dogs, and then moonwalks across the finish line.

3. Doritos “Man’s Best Friend”- A man catches his dog burying a “missing” cat, so the dog buys his silence with a bag of Doritos.

2. Met Life “Snoopy”- The insurance giant cashed in on the nostalgia of the Gen Xers and Baby Boombers watching, by parading an eclectic array of non-Peanuts characters across our screen, including He-Man, Scooby Doo, Fat Albert, The Jetsons, Mr. Magoo, Voltron, Richie Rich, and even Grape Ape.

1. Volkswagon “Dog Strikes Back”- This ad had the greatest combination of things EVER. First in the Shakespeare-like ad within an ad concept, an overweight dog works himself into good enough shape to fit through his doggie dog and chase his owner’s car. It is then revealed that the dog ad is being watched in the Mos Eisley Cantina from Star Wars, where Darth Vader force chokes a guy who says the dog commercial is funnier than last year’s “Vader Kid”.

Some other notes:
The Audi ad is way too Twilightish, but I’m impressed they used Echo & The Bunnymen as the background music. Bud, when I hear the intro to “Fire Woman” by the Cult, but then the vocals I hear are rap, I turn the channel. The Clint Eastwood “Detroit” ad is boring. The Howard Stern ad is stupid. I could do without seeing David Beckham in his undies. There's no politically correct way I can comment on Elton John being a "king"...

©2012 Denim McDemus

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