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About This Blog:
I'm Denim. I cover all things sports, in particular Baseball, Football, College Football, & Hockey, especially the Baltimore Orioles, Penn State Nittany Lions, NY Giants, Colorado Avalanche, & Vancouver Canucks.

Friday, February 17, 2012

MVP or Superbowl Champion?

(Written 2/4/12)
After the Aaron Rogers was announced as the NFL MVP, everyone seems to be debating whether Rogers or Drew Brees deserved it more. They both have very deserving stats, but Eli Manning and Tom Brady made this year’s Superbowl, while those other two will be watching it on TV.
I think every NFL player would rather win a championship than watch someone else go to Disneyland.
So, talk all you want about Rogers vs. Brees, and Peyton Manning vs. Andy Luck, but I'm gonna focus on Eli Manning vs. Tom Brady.

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