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About This Blog:
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Friday, February 17, 2012

Bill O'Brien named new Penn State Headcoach

(Written 1/7/12)
So apparently head coaching experience was not a quality Penn State was looking for in hiring Joepa's replacement...
Seriously, O'Brien has NEVER been a head coach ANYWHERE. He's been an assistant coach on such football powerhouses as Brown, Georgia Tech, Maryland, and Duke (1-22 with him as Off Coor).
His latest gig my dog could do blindfolded, coaching Tom Brady.
Joe Paterno won 409 more games than this guy. I've won the same amount of games as this guy!
I'm sure there's a head coach at a small school that would jump at the chance to coach Penn State. There has to be someone interested with more experience than this guy.
I'm not saying I won't give the guy a chance. I'm saying I disagree with the committee's choice, based on his lack of experience and success, especially after they said head coaching success was an important quality they were looking for.
And let's not foret Spygate, which he was at New England for...

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