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About This Blog:
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Friday, February 17, 2012

The Media Crucified Paterno

(Written 1/6/12)
Not only did Joe Paterno lose his job for a crime he did not commit & did reported properly, but now anyone who publicly supports him does too.
The media is so biased & are ignoring the facts of the case, & creating a mob mentality that people are being brainwashed into. Does no one realize that Paterno is NOT up for charges, he hid nothing, did the right thing, and even the PA Attorney General and the victims say he should not have been fired.
Paterno received ONE sketchy accusation with no solid proof from an intern about a FORMER co-worker, who no longer worked under him, about a victim that no one knew the identity of, which Joe REPORTED to his superior AND campus police, as State College Borough Police DO NOT have jurisdiction on campus which is state owned land, and stopped pursuing the matter ONLY after he was told by his boss and the police that they investigated it, and found no crime was committed. This isn't about football, a university, or Paterno. It's about the sick actions of a FORMER university employee that no one is talking about. Are people completely blind to reality? What the heck is wrong with people? Are you really THAT brainwashed by the media?

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